Commissioned Art

canvas shade divider canvas divider canvas divider colorful drapery installation colorful drapery installation with desks tapestry tapestry above tapestry and seating dyed draperies dyed draperies tapestries tapestry detail art at meeting area

Select Textile / Fiber Design

Roman Shade Room Divider

Material – Canvas
Leah Patgorski – Artist

Hand-dyed Room Divider

Material – Cotton/poly
Leah Patgorski – Artist

Weaving / Wall hanging

Material – Wool
Laura Gross – Artist

Hand-dyed Room Divider

Material – linen
Leah Patgorski – Artist

Textile Hangings

Material – Wool
Laura Gross – Artist

If I Built an Oasis, I’d Save Room for You

2019, Material – Mixed Textiles with Hand-drawn image in oil
Atiya Jones – Artist

embroidered sign embroidered sign custom room signs custom room signs

Signage Design

Branded Signage

Material – Needlepoint
Kelsey Henson, Bones & All – Artist
Studio Lithe – Design Consultation

Wayfinding Signage Package

Material – Screen Printed, Stitched Canvas
Studio Lithe – Design, Installation
Charlie Wagers – Screen Printing
Michelle Montana – Fabrication

art on wall art in cafe wall art for cafe art

Fine Art


2022, Medium – Oil on Canvas
Lauren Pearce – Artist

Untitled Portrait

2017, Medium – Acrylic and Oil on Canvas
Lauren Pearce – Artist

The Scenic Route was Worth It

2018, Medium – Latex Paint on Masonry Wall
Seth leDonne – Artist

Golden Hour

2023, Medium – Archival Photo Paper, Bookbinding Glue, Pine Wood
Carmen Romaine – Artist

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