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Mulberry Lofts

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In tandem with Mulberry Lofts interiors package, we developed a logo and style guide for the brand identity. The logo is based on a modern sans serif, Akzidenz Grotesk. While maintaining the overall rhythm and legibility of the font, we playfully augmented several letterforms. The result is minimal and conveys the strength through the bold font, but additionally has several unexpected quirks: the merged “m-u” and angular “r”s each providing subtle intrigue. “Lofts” is tucked asymmetrically, beneath the “r”s, aligning with the tail of the “y.” This organization is tidy and puts emphasis on the mirrored resemblance of the capital “L” and simplified “r”-shapes.




Logo, Style Guide, Business Card, Letterhead, Signage, Collateral Consultation

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